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Phd Position:

Fully funded Ph.D. position in Brain-Computer Interfaces (Embedded systems/Neuroscience)

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Proposed research
The objective of this thesis is to co-design and evaluate a brain-computer interface integrating visual and haptic feedback. This interface should support the brain activity engaged during a motor imagination to improve the rehabilitation of a motor disorder in time and quality by more fully involving the sensorimotor loop engaged in the control of a movement.This thesis is part of the French ANR GRASP-IT project that aims to support the rehabilitation of upper limb control by improving the generation of kinesthetic motor imagery (KMI) in brain-injured patients after stroke. This approach is based on a gamified rehabilitation program supported by a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), providing its users with visual, tangible and haptic stimulation, and feedback in a unified environment. This innovative BCI’s ultimate goal is based on motor imagination to integrate complementary modalities of interactions such as tangible and haptic interactions in a flexible 3D printable orthosis.

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